LeBron sports Goodyear jersey at practice

Ashish Mathur

The Cavaliers just struck a deal with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Akron -- and Akron just happens to be the hometown of the Cavaliers' brightest star.

Next season, the Cavs will wear a Wingfoot patch, symbolizing Goodyear, on their jerseys. Of course, there was an actual team once called the Goodyear Wingfoots, a team that competed in the long-ago National Industrial Basketball League. In its day, it was actually on par with the NBA in terms of money and pay.

Anyway, LeBron James dug up a replica of the old jersey and donned it for the Cavs' practice Thursday. In a strange and perhaps fitting twist, James' Goodyear jersey sported the No. 2 and last name of teammate Kyrie Irving.

James, Irving and the Cavs hold a 1-0 series lead over the Boston Celtics heading into Game 2 on Friday.

Reporters on the scene, as always, were ready with their iPhones to snap and tweet James' latest attire.

Take a look below, and get ready -- it may not be a big surprise to James and the Cavs wearing those jerseys in an actual game next season. Although the league is likely to make James wear one with his own name and number.