NBA Draft 2017: Quick take on workouts

Sam Amico

A look at what's happening as teams prepare for the 2017 NBA Draft.

1. Malik Monk has worked out for the Timberwolves and Knicks, with reports saying he looked particularly good in his Wolves' audition. The former Kentucky guard is projected to get picked in the Nos. 6-10 range. The Timberwolves draft seventh, the Knicks eighth.

2. Next up for the Lakers, according to several reports: Bryce Alford (UCLA), Dwayne Bacon (Florida State), Jordan Bell (Oregon), Amida Brimah (Connecticut), Kennedy Meeks (North Carolina) and Derrick Walton Jr. (Michigan).

3. One prominent scout told me he thinks Alford, while not projected to get drafted, could cut it in the NBA as a specialist. "He sacrificed his game for the bigger names at UCLA," the scout said. "He has the athleticism and jump shot to come in and help someone for a few minutes a game."

4. Speaking of UCLA guards, the latest on Lonzo Ball is he is considering a workout with the 76ers, in the event the Lakers pass on him at No. 2 overall. (Full report.)

5. And yes, there is talk the Lakers may not take Ball. It's hard to tell, as everything before the draft is basically one big smokescreen. But it seems way too early for the Lakers or anyone else to be locked in on anybody.

6. Celtics president Danny Ainge had a great line when asked about Ball declining to work out with the team. "It's not ideal," Ainge told a Boston radio station when asked if Ball hurt his cause to be drafted No. 1 overall.

7. That's what I don't get about this whole Ball story. You'd rather go play for a team that has tons of rebuilding, and be the second overall pick -- over being No. 1 with a team that just won the East? Don't players leave in free agency all the time because they want to join a winner?

8. Sorry. But it makes zero sense. None. And don't email me trying to spin it any other way, because I won't buy it. Choosing to play for a loser over a winner defines a loser mentality.

9. That's not intended to bash the Lakers, by the way. They have some really nice pieces, and taking Ball would make sense. I don't even intend to bash Ball. He seems like a good person and should make a fine NBA player. But some of this stuff is ... well, insanity.

10. That will do it for now. We'll have a complete list of workouts, updated daily, starting Wednesday.