NBA free agency: Amico's top 50

Sam Amico

NBA free agency is here, and you know what that means: A whole lot of madness.

Here’s my list of the top 25, with 25 more at the bottom:

1.Kevin Durant, 6-9, F, Thunder, unrestricted.
He already has meetings scheduled with half the league, it seems. He can change the course of your franchise.

2.LeBron James, 6-8, F, Cavaliers, unrestricted
He’s opting out and it means little. He plays for the world champions, his hometown team and can make more with Cleveland than anyone else. Home is where the king’s heart is.

3.DeMar DeRozan, 6-7, SG, Rapors, unrestricted
True scorer with strong mid-range game. Hard to envision him leaving.

4.Andre Drummond, 6-10, C, Pistons, restricted
A glass-eater and shot-blocker. The Pistons would match whatever he receives.

5.Mike Conley, 6-1, PG, Grizzlies, unrestricted
Underrated winner, knows how to run a team.

6.Al Horford, 6-10, F/C, Hawks, unrestricted
Plays hard, plays smart and is a good teammate. Took too many threes last year, though.

7.Dwight Howard, 6-10, C, Rockets, unrestricted
Still a beast underneath but just can’t win the big ones. Too big of a risk to receive gobs of money – but someone will give it to him.

8.Hassan Whiteside, 7-0, C, Heat, unrestricted
Has gone from basketball zero to shot-blocking hero. Plays with tons of passion.

9.Dwyane Wade, 6-4, SG, Heat, unrestricted
Still filling it up and making winning plays. Put your money on a Heat return.

10.Dirk Nowitzki, 7-0, F, Mavericks, unrestricted
He’s not even visiting with anyone else.

11.Pau Gasol, PF, Bulls, unrestricted
Wants another shot at a ring before heading off into the Spanish limelight.

12.Chander Parsons, 6-9, SF, Mavericks, unrestricted
Athletic and does enough of everything well to get a nice payday.

13.Bradley Beal, 6-5, SG, Wizards, restricted
Spends too much time on the injured list. Shoots well when he’s on the floor.

14.Nicolas Batum, 6-8, SF, Hornets, unrestricted
Coming off a career season. Will be an underrated signing.

15.Ryan Anderson, 6-9, F, Pelicans, unrestricted
Runs hot and cold, but sure can be a game-changer when he’s on.

16.Harrison Barnes, 6-8, SF, Warriors, restricted
Explosive but streaky. May put up even better numbers on a different team.

17.Jordan Clarkson, 6-4, SG, Lakers, restricted
A quiet assassin. No more Kobe may mean even more production.

18.Evan Turner, 6-7, SF, Celtics, unrestricted
Nice all-around player with solid mid-range game.

19.Rajon Rondo, 6-1, PG, Kings, unrestricted
Probably best suited to come off the bench at this stage, but he’d never go for it.

20.Al Jefferson, 6-10, C, Hornets, unrestricted
Has made a killing off fundamentally sound play in the low post. May be on the decline, though.

21.Joakim Noah, 6-10, C, Bulls, unrestricted
Great hustler and passer who seems to have little left.

22.Bismack Biyombo, 6-9, C, Raptors, unrestricted
Did a fantastic job in home playoff games vs. the Cavs. But the road? Eh.

23.Jeremy Lin, 6-3, PG, Hornets, unrestricted
Looked great off the bench. Needs to continue to come off it wherever he goes.

24.Luol Deng, 6-8, SF, Heat, unrestricted
Has done more than lost a step, he’s lost like 17. But still a heady player and great teammate.

25.Kent Bazemore, 6-5, SG, Hawks, unrestricted
Gets up and down the floor, finishes and buckles down on D. Inconsistent.


26. Festus Ezeli, 6-11, C, Warriors, restricted
27. Evan Fournier, 6-7, G/F, Magic, unrestricted
28. J.R. Smith, 6-6, SG, Cavaliers, unrestricted
29. Jamal Crawford, 6-6, SG, Clippers, unrestricted
30. Jared Sullinger, 6-9, PF, Celtics, restricted
31. Jeff Green, 6-9, SF, Clippers, unrestricted
32. Courtney Lee, 6-5, SG, Hornets, unrestricted
33. Marvin Williams, 6-9, SF, Hornets, unrestricted
34. Donatas Montiejunas, 7-0, F/C, Rockets, restricted
35. Zaza Pachulia, 6-11, C, Mavericks, unrestricted
36. Ian Mahinmi, 6-11, C, Pacers, unrestricted
37. Jared Dudley, 6-7, F, Wizards, unrestricted
38. Brandon Jennings, 6-1, PG, Magic, unrestricted
39. Deron Williams, 6-3, PG, Mavericks, unrestricted
40. Manu Ginobili, 6-6, SG, Spurs, unrestricted
41. Lance Stephenson, 6-5, SG, Grizzlies, unrestricted
42. Arron Afflalo, 6-5, SG, Knicks, unrestricted
43. Dion Waiters, 6-4, SG, Thunder, restricted
44. Allen Crabbe, 6-6, SF, Trail Blazers, restricted
45. Eric Gordon, 6-4, SG, Pelicans, unrestricted
46. Matt Barnes, 6-6, G/F, Grizzlies, unrestricted
47. Joe Johnson, 6-7, G/F, Heat, unrestricted
48. Derrick Williams, 6-8, SF, Knicks, unrestricted
49. Marreese Speghts, 6-10, PF, Warriors, unrestricted
50. Moe Harkless, 6-9, SF, Trail Blazers, restricted