Jones, LeBron suggest Cavs will bounce back

Ashish Mathur

James Jones has seen plenty of LeBron James, from their days as teammates with the Miami Heat, to today with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So Jones should be heard when the topic is how LeBron responds to a loss.

“LeBron has been consistent in his bounce-back attitude since Miami,” Jones said in an interview with The Vertical. “He doesn’t change for us. I know he’s going to come into the facility [Monday] upbeat, like the loss helps us on this process.”

That's where the Cavs are today -- coming off a loss in the the Eastern Conference finals. Despite the fact Boston is the No. 1 seed in the East and the Cavs are No. 2, the Celtics' 111-108 win in Game 3 at Cleveland was a stunner of a loss.

Why a stunner? Because the Cavs hammered the Celtics in Game 1 in Boston, then won Game 2 by 44 points two nights later. How does a team go from 44 points to defeat in about 48 hours?

Well, the reasons are many. You can probably start with James, who finished with a paltry 11 points, including just three in the second half. In fact, he committed as many turnovers in those final two quarters as he scored points.

That's not LeBron-like. He knows, you know it, the entire basketball universe knows it.

“I didn’t have it,” James told reporters. “I just didn’t. I played poorly. ... But I’m glad it happened. We let our foot off the gas pedal.”

How will James and the Cavs respond for Game 4 on Tuesday? Well, it will probably have to start with James.

Jones knows that as well as anybody, and seems to feel confident that is precisely where it will start and probably end.