Silver would prefer stars to rest at home

Ashish Mathur

NBA stars can sometimes use a day off and Adam Silver just wishes they would do it at home.

That's the latest from the NBA commissioner, who went on NBA radio and discussed the topic of players occasionally taking games off.

"I get it for those disappointed fans," Silver said. "Part of me would prefer that, if you’re going to rest a player, rest him for the home fans, because they get to see that player all the time."

The commissioner wasn't finished -- saying he understood both sides of the a player's need for a little downtime.

"On the other hand, I recognize it’s matchup specific," Silver added. "Once again, I’m not sure that having an absolute rule that if a player is rested, he must be rested at home works either. So, it’s not an easy issue to resolve."

Cavaliers star LeBron James recently took a game off at Indiana, and some fans in attendance Cavs get rest fit for King, but is it OK?

">clearly felt cheated.

So rest at home or rest on the road?

Truth is, we'll likely just have to wait for the season to play out for the (ahem) rest of the story.

Cavs get rest fit for King, but is it OK?