Bosh return to NBA appearing less likely

Ashish Mathur

The Miami Heat parted ways with Chris Bosh, making him an unrestricted free agent. But will anyone else be willing to sign him?

It sure doesn't seem that way.


The majority of front office people who gave their (anonymous, obviously) thoughts on Bosh believed that while there would be interest in him, it would be hard for any team to go after him because it would be so hard to find a doctor who would pass him on a physical. “There will be interest, but the health risks outweigh the upside for most organizations,” one Western Conference executive said.

Bosh, 33, has been suffering from blood clots in recent seasons and agreed to an amicable split with the Heat earlier this month. He has expressed an interest in returning to the league and even has been linked to the Chicago Bulls.

But it appears any shot for Bosh returning to the league is a long shot.


“There will surely be interest, but it may be hard to find a doctor that will clear him,” an Eastern Conference executive said. “I don’t see how medical people will want to sign off and clear him,” another Western executive said. “Unless something has changed with his health recently … I don’t know of a team that would want to take that type of a risk. If something were to tragically happen, it’s hard to recover form that. Very unfortunate.”