Dribbles: Cavs remain involved in Love talks

Sam Amico

Latest on the Cavaliers, with free agency set to begin Saturday, July 1.

1. The Cavs are revisiting their attempts to land Indiana Pacers star Paul George, continuing to use power forward Kevin Love as their primary bargaining chip.

2. The Cavs want to deal. The Denver Nuggets want to deal. But the Pacers remain hesitant in the reported three-way trade that would send George and Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried to the Cavs, and Love to the Nuggets.

3. It has not been determined who would head to the Pacers -- but word is it would involve one member of the Cavs and two of the Nuggets. According to league sources, the Nuggets like Love and the proposed trade would help them move three contracts they are looking to move.

4. One of the Cavs' main issues is teams around the league know they are trying to trade Love, and are therefore minimizing his value. So opposing executives aren't yet offering a whole lot to Cavs assistant general manager Koby Altman, the current point man in talks.

5. An additional difficulty for the Cavs? Teams remain dead set against absorbing the contracts of reserve guard Iman Shumpert and reserve forward Channing Frye. The Cavs are determined to move both before training camp, either together or separately. Shumpert could be a part of the talks involving Indiana, sources said.

6. One GM of a lottery team has indicated to Amico Hoops he may be willing to work out a deal for Frye -- but only later this summer, after he has had more time to shape the roster. He said he also expects someone to trade for Shumpert under the same scenario, though his team is not interested.

7. Along with the Nuggets and Pacers, the Cavs have had some serious talks of a three-way trade that involved the New York Knicks, sources said. But the troubled relationship between Knicks president Phil Jackson and star Carmelo Anthony (and Anthony's no-trade clause) appear to be holding up any potential deals.

8. Like most trade conversations, the Cavs aren't overly close on any deal, but aren't that far off, either. One could happen today -- and one may not happen until the trading deadline in February. As former Cavs GM Chris Grant once said, "Trades are a hard thing to predict because they involve people."

9. But as one source said, never believe it when someone says talks aren't serious. "Every time a GM calls another (GM), it's serious and they're looking to make a deal," says one. "Nobody is in this for laughs."

10. As of late Monday, there was no update on Chauncey Billups or if he will accept the Cavs' offer to be the next man in charge of basketball operations. You can read more on the state of things in Sunday's dribbles.