Might the Mavs pursue Lakers' Russell?

Ashish Mathur

The Dallas Mavericks could use a point guard/playmaker and the Los Angeles Lakers may have one that's available.

And maybe, just maybe, D'Angelo Russell would be the type of player the Mavs are seeking.

The Lakers own the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. Word is, they may be looking to move Russell should they select a point guard -- such as Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball.

But Russell in Dallas? Could it happen?

Well ... maybe, said Mavs beat writer Eddie Sefko in an answering a question from a fan.

OK, two things. First, I don't fall into the category that believes the Lakers are just going to give him away because they can get Lonzo Ball. And a lot of folks believe Ball needs to get out of LA. Second, he's a big point guard who is an OK shooter and is 21 years old.

The Mavericks, like all NBA teams, have to take some chances once in a while. If the draft does not yield one of those point guards that they like, then you can be certain they will be talking with the Lakers. But here's the problem: what will LA want in return. You're going to have to give up a ton for the No. 2 pick in the 2015 draft who has averaged 14 points, 4 assists and 3.5 rebounds in two seasons while having very limited help around him with the Lakers. It wouldn't be a bad gamble. But at what price?

Sefko is right -- the Mavs would have to give up quite a bit to get Russell. But maybe, just maybe it would work.

If so, they would have the type of young playmaker they need, a guy who may help them start the rebuild as they look to continue their winning tradition.