Ainge: Ball declines to work out for Celtics

Ashish Mathur

Top prospect Lonzo Ball out has declined a workout with the Boston Celtics, team president Danny Ainge said in a radio interview.

Ball is widely considered a top-three pick and the Celtics currently sit at No. 1 overall. But his father, LaVar Ball, has made it clear that Lonzo prefers the Los Angeles Lakers, who will draft second overall.

Speculation is that Ainge will not allow Ball's workout decision to impact whether or not he selects him at No. 1. (Of course, there's always the outside chance the Celtics trade the pick, too.)


With that in mind, it appears increasingly likely the Celtics will select guard Markelle Fultz out of Washington with the top selection.

Maybe, but maybe night.

Anyway, here is what LaVar Ball said about the Celtics in a recent radio interview:

“I want him to be a Laker. But that’s just my opinion. It’s not about me liking [the Celtics] or disliking them. It’s just that we’re west coast guys,” he said. “I’d love for him to stay on the west coast where his brothers can see him all of the time. We’re a real big family. That’s just the only difference.”

Now, even if Ball were the workout for the Celtics, there are no guarantees they would take him with the first pick. They reportedly have been leaning toward Fultz all along. But what is said and what actually happens in the draft are often two very different things.

All we know for now is Ball and the Celtics won't be seeing each other before the draft.