Celtics claim top pick, but will they use it?

Ashish Mathur

The Boston Celtics are playing in the Eastern Conference finals and following Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery, are owners of the No. 1 pick.

Life couldn't be much better for Boston basketball.

Question is, will team president Danny Ainge hold on to the pick? Will he draft Washington guard Markelle Fultz? Or how about ruin the Los Angeles Lakers' day and nab UCLA's Lonzo Ball?

Or will he ship it to some far off place for a notable veteran that could help the Celtics win right away? (Blake Griffin, anyone?)

When it comes to Ainge, it's hard to tell. Hey, they don't sometimes call the man "Trader Danny" for nothing.

Anyway, his old 1980s Lakers foe, Magic Johnson, is now in charge of the Celtics' historical rival. It's hard to know how badly Magic wants Ball and his, well, fun-loving father LaVar Ball.

But the Balls have made it pretty clear they want the Lakers.

The Philadelphia 76ers will pick third, and it's hard to know where they might go. Word is, they too will explore dealing the pick for some veteran help.

The entire draft order is below. Stay tuned as AmicoHoops will have much more coverage of the draft, Celtics, and Lakers (and perhaps LaVar Ball) in the coming days.

First Round

1. Boston

2. L.A. Lakers

3. Philadelphia

4. Phoenix

5. Sacramento

6. Orlando

7. Minnesota

8. New York

9. Dallas

10. Sacramento

11. Charlotte

12. Detroit

13. Denver

14. Miami

15. Portland

16. Chicago

17. Milwaukee

18. Indiana

19. Atlanta

20. Portland (via Memphis)

21. Oklahoma City

22. Brooklyn (via Washington)

23. Toronto

24. Utah

25. Orlando (via L.A. Clippers)

26. Portland (via Cleveland)

27. Brooklyn (via Boston)

28. L.A. Lakers (via Houston)

29. San Antonio

30. Utah (via Golden State)

Second Round

31. Atlanta (via Brooklyn)

32. Phoenix

33. Orlando (via L.A. Lakers)

34. Sacramento (via Philadelphia)

35. Orlando

36. Philadelphia (via New York)

37. Boston (via Minnesota) [36/37 may be swapped] 

38. Chicago (via Sacramento)

39. Philadelphia (via Dallas)

40. New Orleans

41. Charlotte

42. Utah (via Detroit)

43. Houston (via Denver)

44. New York (via Chicago)

45. Houston (via Portland)

46. Philadelphia (via Miami)

47. Indiana

48. Milwaukee

49. Denver (via Memphis)

50. Philadelphia (via Atlanta)

51. Denver (via Oklahoma City)

52. Washington

53. Boston (via Cleveland)

54. Phoenix (via Toronto)

55. Utah

56. Boston (via L.A. Clippers)

57. Brooklyn (via Boston)

58. New York (via Houston)

59. San Antonio

60. Atlanta (via Golden State)