Trade Tracker: Tucker, Cavs, Bogut, Bulls

Ashish Mathur

Trade deadline day has reached an end. Here is the latest from around the NBA, posted primarily in the order of each item's arrival.

Per Amico Hoops: "Cavs expressed trade interest in Deron Williams. They will now express buyout market interest."

Per ESPN: "The Mavs have told Deron Williams they will pay off the full remaining amount of his deal if he wants to be a free agent, league sources say."

Per Amico Hoops: "Cavs were still talking an hour ago, but nothing had come to fruition then. Trade deadline has passed."

Per ESPN: "The Cavs will continue to monitor the buyout market/unsigned free agents (i.e. Mario Chalmers/Larry Sanders) to complete roster by postseason. Intend to carry 15."

Per ESPN: "Source: Deron Williams 'possibly' receiving a buyout from the Mavs. Dallas is preparing to hand point guard reins to rookie Yogi Ferrell."

Per ESPN: "The Pelicans are now expected to waive Terrence Jones, according to sources, so that he can pursue other options."

Per ESPN: "At the finish line, league sources say, New York was prepared to trade Derrick Rose for Ricky Rubio straight up. But the Wolves balked."

Per Yahoo Sports: "The Suns are trading PJ Tucker to the Raptors, league source tells The Vertical."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Toronto is sending Jared Sullinger and two future second-round picks to Phoenix for Tucker."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Toronto is sending Phoenix its 2017 and 2018 second-round picks in the Tucker trade."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Boston Celtics: No deals. 'Standing pat,' source says."

Per USA Today: "No deals for Kings. Had offers on Ben McLemore, Darren Collison and Arron Afflalo, but opting to wait until this summer to make more moves."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Philadelphia has continued to search for a trade for Jahlil Okafor."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Atlanta has traded Mike Scott to the Suns for cash."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Houston has traded guard Tyler Ennis to the Lakers, league source tells The Vertical."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: The Lakers will send guard Marcelo Huertas to the Rockets in Ennis deal. The Rockets will waive Huertas."

Per ESPN: "Cleveland's Andrew Bogut interest is well-chronicled but sources say San Antonio /Houston will join the hunt if Bogut lands a Philly buyout."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Milwaukee is finalizing a deal to send Roy Hibbert to the Denver Nuggets, league sources tell The Vertical."

Per ESPN: "Nuggets sending heavily-protected second round pick to Milwaukee for Roy Hibbert, sources say."

Per ESPN: "Denver was close to completing trade for Portland injured big Festus Ezeli, but Nuggets went with a healthy Roy Hibbert, sources tell ESPN."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Indiana has passed on trade offers for Paul George and All-Star forward will remain with the Pacers, league sources tell The Vertical."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: OKC and Chicago are nearing agreement on a trade to send package centered on Cameron Payne for Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson."

Per Yahoo Sports: "OKC sending Joffrey Lauvergne and Anthony Morrow, with the Bulls sending 2018 second-round pick with McDermott and Gibson, sources tell The Vertical."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Houston has traded K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets, league sources tell The Vertical."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Unloading McDaniels to the Nets frees $3M in cap space to use on the buyout market for Houston."

Per ESPN: "With no second trade looming for Andrew Bogut, league sources say Bogut and the Sixers will immediately begin contract buyout discussions."

Per USA Today: "I repeat: Paul George - barring a title chance in Indy - is hell-bent on heading for Laker Land. This message has been sent throughout NBA."

The Nuggets made a "monster" offer to the Pacers for Paul George, but the talks gained "no traction," per ESPN. George would be unlikely to sign with the Nuggets long-term, the website reports.

Per ESPN: "ESPN sources say OKC has interest in Doug McDermott as well as Taj Gibson. Sources say the Bulls, meanwhile, have interest in Cameron Payne."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Philadelphia searching for defensive-minded guards to play with Ben Simmons. One target: Boston's Avery Bradley. No traction."

Per ESPN: "The Pelicans, league sources say, will audition Jarrett Jack as they continue to pursue backcourt upgrades after acquiring DeMarcus Cousins."

Per ESPN: "More than a few rival teams out there think Boston has a shot at Paul George today."

Per Yahoo Sports: "Sources: Less than two hours until the NBA Trade Deadline, but no significant traction for Boston on Jimmy Butler or Paul George deals. Yet."

The Cavaliers will have had and will continue to have a strong interest in center Andrew Bogut, traded to the 76ers, per Amico Hoops. The Sixers are expected to eventually buy out Bogut, per Yahoo Sports. Per ESPN: "The next two hours and 52 minutes, actually, for Philly to find a trade partner for Bogut." Per ESPN: "The Sixers will spend the next three hours trying to find a trade home for Andrew Bogut before contemplating a buyout, league sources say." Per ESPN: "The Knicks and Timberwolves remain engaged in trade talks toward a deal headlined by Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio, league sources tell ESPN." Per Yahoo Sports: "The Mavericks reached agreement on a deal to acquire 76ers center Nerlens Noel, league sources told The Vertical. Per Yahoo Sports: "The Mavericks will send a protected 2017 first-round pick, forward Justin Anderson and center Andrew Bogut to the 76ers for Noel, league sources said." Per Yahoo Sports: "Trading Noel likely means the 76ers will retain Jahlil Okafor to play alongside cornerstone Joel Embiid." THURSDAY, 10:58 a.m. The Cavaliers remain aggressive looking for a trade, and plan to search for deals right up until the deadline, per Amico Hoops. They will turn to the buyout market if they can't find a suitable trade partner. Per ESPN: "Teams mulling Paul George trade apprehensive knowing he wants to win with Pacers, Plan B is Lakers. He won't commit long-term outside those two." Per USA Today: "Brandon Knight wants a new home, but the Suns set the price too high in the past with the Magic, Kings, Sixers and Bulls. We'll see if that changes." Per ESPN: "In addition to P.J. Tucker, Toronto has also pursued Wilson Chandler, league sources say. Denver, like Phoenix, wants a first-rounder back." Per Basketball Insiders: "There are a few names that continue to circulate as possible for the Thunder, one of which is Kings swingman Arron Afflalo." Per Basketball Insiders: "Another name that could come at a very low price for the Thunder is Lakers guard Nick Young." Per ESPN: "League executives anticipate the Kings will move Arron Aflalo before today's deadline." Per "Hearing Pelicans looking to move some contracts, including Alexis Ajinca (two years, $10.1M left) and Quincy Pondexter ($3.8M next yr)." THURSDAY, 9:44 a.m. The Raptors are determining whether to send Jared Sullinger and a first-round draft pick to the Suns for P.J. Tucker, per ESPN. Per ESPN: "The Suns continue to shop Brandon Knight and other vets (including Tyson Chandler) but have struggled all week for traction on their guys." The Knicks are continuing their pursuit of Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio, per Yahoo Sports. The Knicks would send back Derrick Rose, but are "pushing for an additional piece" along with Rubio, per ESPN. Bulls forward Taj Gibson has emerged as a trade target for the Thunder, per ESPN. Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic are the "Bulls in play," the website reports. Per ESPN: "The Sixers will make the best deal they can find, of course, but word is Jahlil Okafor's preferred destination on Deadline Day is Chicago." Per the Chicago Tribune: "The Bulls have shown no inclination to this point of including a first-round pick, along with a player" in a deal for Okafor. LATE WEDNESDAY Per HoopsHype: "The Celtics, Cavaliers, Wizards, Rockets and Clippers are several teams that are aggressively pursuing win-now moves." Per HoopsHype: "In addition to bought-out players and individuals returning from China, veterans like Matt Barnes, Larry Sanders, Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Gary Neal, Carl Landry and Greivis Vasquez are available." Per HoopsHype: "It’s no secret that the Nets have had discussions about Brook Lopez with a number of different teams. The Pacers are the team that has been linked to Lopez the most." Per HoopsHype: "While the Cavs would likely present Larry Sanders with his best chance to compete for a championship this season, the big man has plenty of options to consider. The Lakers, Celtics, Rockets and Heat among others have also shown interest in Sanders, according to sources." Per ESPN: "Does Magic Johnson have another trade in store in his debut week? ESPN sources say his Lakers are seeking a second-round pick for Nick Young." The Heat are shopping a package of Josh McRoberts and Wayne Ellington, per Yahoo Sports. "Heat appear interested in moving contracts," the website reports.

Per the Chicago Tribune: "If the Celtics plan to make a major push for either Jimmy Butler or Pacers star Paul George, they will do so on deadline day. The Bulls have told teams that have inquired about Butler — including, according to a source, the 76ers — that they have no plans to trade him." Per the Chicago Tribune: "Nikola Mirotic, who has been available for weeks, continues to be offered to teams such as the Clippers and 76ers, sources said. The 76ers have been shopping Whitney Young product and 2015 No. 3 overall pick Jahlil Okafor for weeks but haven't shown much interest in Mirotic." Per ESPN: "The Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams to have inquired about the availability of Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George in recent days, according to league sources." Per ESPN: "While the conversation didn't go beyond an initial expression of interest -- which is common in the NBA in advance of the trade deadline -- it's notable simply for the names involved: New Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson and Pacers president Larry Bird, lifelong rivals and close friends, were on the phone together."

Per ESPN: "Sources confirmed to ESPN in the wake of that meeting with Pacers owner Herb Simon that Indiana has since invited teams like the Lakers and Boston Celtics to make pitches for George this week in advance of Thursday's 3 p.m. ET trade deadline."

Per ESPN: "As for the possibility of more trades from the Lakers before the deadline, sources say Johnson is far more likely to move a veteran such as Young or Jose Calderon than anyone from L.A.'s young core."

Per "Multiple teams around the league believe the Pacers aren't seriously shopping Paul George, and is gathering info rather than looking to move him now."

Per Amico Hoops: "The Raptors have been offering Jared Sullinger's expiring deal and a draft pick to try to land wing depth before Thursday trade deadline."

Per "Rick Carlisle says Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut were held out of practice. 'With the trade deadline tomorrow, you can read a lot into that,' Carlisle said."

Per the Dallas News: "The Mavericks are heavily involved in trade talks with a number of teams, with the contracts of Williams and Bogut set to expire. They are hoping to acquire picks in this summer's draft as compensation for the point guard and center who were supposed to be 40 percent of their starting lineup this season but have been out for lengthy stretches with injuries."

Per the Dallas News: "Boston has been a team widely speculated to have interest in Bogut. But there could also be pitches made by Houston or other teams who are in go-for-it mode and trying to improve their roster before the deadline."

Per Basketball Insiders: "The Suns expressed interest in trading for Knicks forward Mindaugas Kuzminskas, league sources told Basketball Insiders."

The Wizards are exploring the market for backup point guard Trey Burke, and are asking for a second-round draft pick in return, per Basketball Insiders.

Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Tom Thibodeau has been working with GM Scott Layden to look at the possibilities out there for them, but Zach LaVine's knee injury has thrown a wrench into the team's immediate plans."

Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Thibodeau also said the Timberwolves will continue to evaluate Lance Stephenson, who suffered a sprained ankle while on a 10-day contract that expired this week. The Wolves could sign him to another 10-day deal when the ankle is sufficiently healed."

The Cavaliers and Jazz engaged in trade talks involving Jordan McRae of Cleveland and Shelvin Mack of Utah, per ESPN. Those talks have since stalled, the website reported.

The Nuggets and Clippers remain "in pursuit" of Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, per USA Today.

The Pistons are taking offers on center Andre Drummond and guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, per ESPN.

Per ESPN: "Detroit, meanwhile, has steadfastly continued to ‎pursue a new home for point guard Reggie Jackson before Thursday's 3 p.m. trade deadline. Over the past two months, has reported serious negotiations between the Pistons and two teams (Minnesota and Orlando) involving Jackson, but sources said Wednesday that the prospects of a Jackson deal with the Magic this week were fading."

Per ESPN: "One league source told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne that the Portland Trail Blazers called to inquire about Drummond but quickly abandoned their interest when Detroit asked for Blazers guard C.J. McCollum in return. The Blazers, sources told Shelburne, regard McCollum as an untouchable."

Per the New York Post: "With Carmelo Anthony likely to stay and face Cleveland on Thursday despite all the commotion, the Knicks have shifted some focus to gauging the assets they can net for Derrick Rose.

Per the New York Post: "Sources have confirmed the Timberwolves approached the Knicks about Rose, who won his 2011 MVP with Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau at the Chicago helm."

Per the New York Post: "The Knicks had interest in Ricky Rubio, much more a playmaker than Rose, at last year’s trading deadline. Ever since Rubio was drafted in 2009, the Knicks have had an unusual fascination with him, stemming from Barcelona-based European scout Kevin Wilson knowing the family."

The Rockets have asked about the availability of Timberwolves swingman Shabazz Muhammad, per 5 Eyewitness News in Minneapolis.

The Bulls are continuing their pursuit of 76ers center Jahlil Okafor, per Yahoo Sports.

Per Sports Illustrated: "The Suns are trying to unload Brandon Knight's contract. Might be Sixers' fail-safe for Okafor trade."

The Hawks are sending TiagoSplitter and a second round pick to the 76ers for ErsanIlyasova. The teams will also swap second round draft picks, per Yahoo Sports.

Per Yahoo: "The Sixers plan to use Splitter, 32, as a mentor for their young centers the rest of the season."

Per ESPN: "The Pelicans are in the process of signing Hollis Thompson to a 10-day contract, league sources say."

The Pelicans' signing of Thompson eliminates Canton Charge guard Quinn Cook from joining the team, per Amico Hoops. Cook is expected to receive more NBA opportunities following the trade deadline Thursday.

Former NBA and D-League guard David Stockton has left the New Zealand league and will join the Reno Bighorns, per The Step Back.

The Cavaliers and Rockets have been having discussions centered on Iman Shumpert of Cleveland and Patrick Beverley of the Rockets, per ESPN and

Several teams have inquired about Beverley, according to ESPN. Those teams include the Bulls and the Knicks as well.

Per "Numerous teams have inquired about Shumpert, including the Houston Rockets, who now need a perimeter defender after trading Corey Brewer to the Lakers for Lou Williams Monday. But a league source said the Cavs didn't like what the Rockets are offering for Shumpert."

Per ESPN: "Sources say the Cavaliers, meanwhile, have entertained the prospect of trading Shumpert at various points this season but have shown some hesitation given J.R Smith's long-term injury absence."

Per "A source said neither the Cavs nor Rockets had discussed Beverley in depth, but the Rockets are aware the Cavs want him. ESPN reported that the Rockets don't want to trade him, and also initially reported Houston's interest in him."

Per "I didn't even hear about that but I'm not going to talk about trades," Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said Wednesday, following the Cavs' first practice since the All-Star break. "That's (general manager David Griffin's) area. I like our team, I love our team, I love what Shump's done for us these last three years. For me, that's not going to happen, but we're just not going to talk about trades and all this stuff. That's not my expertise."

The Nets have agreed to trade Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough to the Wizards for Marcus Thornton, Andrew Nicholson and a 2017 first-round pick, per Yahoo Sports. The Nets plan to waive Thornton.

The Knicks are looking for a first-round draft pick in exchange for Kyle O'Quinn, per the New York Daily News.

Per Amico Hoops: "Several opposing team executives contacted by Amico Hoops said they don’t expect the Pacers to trade George by Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline. 'Maybe after the season,' said one."

Per USA Today: "Larry Bird is known to be searching for options that would ease George's concerns, inquiring about players like Philadelphia’s Okafor, the Sacramento Kings’ Arron Afflalo, Portland’s Allen Crabbe and Ed Davis. Yet if he can’t make significant moves, and if the Pacers (29-28, sixth in the Eastern Conference) seem destined to tread water while George ponders the notion of heading West, then maybe it's time for Bird to turn the page on the Paul George era."

Here is the the latest on Larry Sanders from Amico Hoops.

The Grizzlies have assigned Wade Baldwin and Jarell Martin to the the Iowa Energy, per the team.

The Suns have assigned Derrick Jones to the Northern Arizona Suns, per the team.

The Spurs have assigned Bryn Forbes to the Austin Spurs, per the team.

The Mavericks have recalled A.J. Hammons from the Texas Legends, per the team.


The Wizards have shown interest in Timberwolves swingman Shabazz Muhammad, per ESPN.

The Jazz are interested in Mavericks point guard Deron Williams, per ESPN. Williams, who once played for the Jazz,cannot be traded without his consent.

The Lakers are finalizing a trade that will send LouWilliams to the Rockets, per Yahoo Sports. The Lakers are getting Corey Brewer and a first-round pick, Yahoo reported.

Per Yahoo: "Williams, who is having a career season, had been pursued heavily by several playoff teams – including Utah and Washington – which viewed him as a potent playoff piece and worked with his agent, Wallace Prather, who eventually negotiated the deal with the Lakers."

The Raptors, Wizards, Clippers, Celtics, Hawks and Jazz are among the teams showing interest in available Suns small foward P.J. Tucker, per Basketball Insiders.

Opposing teams believe the Pistons are willing to listen to trade inquiries for center Andre Drummond, per ESPN.

Per ESPN: "Mark Cuban tells ESPN that Dallas is willing to take on contracts in advance of Thursday's trade deadline if draft compensation is attached."

The Timberwolves are pushing hard to move point guard Ricky Rubio and are willing to attach swingman Shabazz Muhammad to a trade, per Sports Illustrated.

The Bucks are trying to move center Greg Monroe, but are finding little success, per Amico Hoops sources.

The Nets have lowered their asking price for center Brook Lopez, per ESPN. Brooklyn is looking for a first- and second-round draft pick, the website reports.

The Pacers and 76ers have discussed a trade centered on center Jahlil Okafor, per ESPN.

The Bulls are telling teams they aren't trading swingman Jimmy Butler, per the Chicago Tribune. But as the newspaper notes, there is plenty of posturing at this time of year.

The Rockets are keeping an eye on available Nuggets small forward Wilson Chandler, per multiple reports. They are on the lookout for another ball-handler, sources tell Amico Hoops.

The Jazz are testing the market for forward Derrick Favors, per the Salt Lake Tribune. They also have an interest in Lakers guard Lou Williams, said to be available.

The Knicks, Pistons and Timberwolves may be working on a trade of point guards Derrick Rose, Reggie Jackson and Ricky Rubio, per multiple reports.

The Cavaliers have allowed two trade exceptions to expire but are looking to make moves at the deadline, per Amico Hoops.

The Kings are reportedly looking to make more trades, with a focus on young players and draft picks, per multiple reports.

The Jazz have recalled forward Joel Bolomboy from the Salt Lake City Stars, per the team.

The Warriors have recalled guard Briante Weber from the Santa Cruz Warriors, per the team.

The Raptors have assigned Bruno Caboclo, Pascal Siakam, and Fred VanVleet to Raptors 905, per the team.

The Heat have recalled power forward Okaro White from the Sioux Falls Skyforce, per the team.

The Rockets have assigned rookies Chinanu Onuaku and Kyle Wiltjer to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, per the team.

The Trail Blazers have assigned rookie guard Tim Quarterman to Windy City Bulls, per the team.

Former NBA and D-League forward Josh Boone (Connecticut) has agreed to a contract with the Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions, per Amico Hoops.

Undrafted guard Eric McClellan (Gonzaga) has agreed to a deal with Greek club Koroivos, per Amico Hoops.