Celtics-Raptors least watched Game 7 semi since 2004, but also hits a high

Sam Amico

The Boston Celtics win over the Toronto Raptors in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals hit both end of the TV ratings spectrum -- becoming both the least watched Game 7 since 2004 and the most watched cable sports event since the NFL Draft in late April.

As reported by Jon Lewis of Sports Media Watch, it was also the No. 6 overall sporting event across all networks since the NFL Draft and the largest Friday night program "of any kind" in two months, per Lewis.

So this tells us two things: 1. NBA ratings are down; 2. But so is television viewership across the board, particularly in the sports world.

The NBA has been a victim of that all season, with first-round playoff ratings down 27 percent since last year's postseason, as well as 40 percent since two years ago.

Even before the hiatus in March, the league's ratings had dropped quite a bit since lasty season, with ABC broadcasts of NBA games down 16 percent, TNT down 13 percent and ESPN down 10 percent, per Sports Business Journal.