Kings should consider dealing Bagley, writer suggests

Sam Amico

Would trading big man Marvin Bagley be a good idea for the Sacramento Kings?

According to Richard Ivanowski of the Sacramento Bee, the answer may be yes -- illustrating his point with a hypothetical trade that would send Bagley to the Washington Wizards for center Thomas Bryant and the Wizards' first-round draft pick.

Bagely has been injury prone early in his career, but still has a major upside. And while the Wizards have the ninth-worst record (meaning a lottery pick), this is supposed to be a down year for the draft.

Still, Ivanowski seems to think a deal such as this might make sense.

"While the Kings are unlikely to explore trading Bagley, the emergence of Richaun Holmes has made it less than unthinkable," Ivanowski wrote. "There’s no question Bagley has tons of potential, but Holmes is better right now and the two don’t work together on the court at the same time. If Sacramento could get a rotation-level big man and a top-10 pick, the Kings should consider it."

What do you think? Is moving Bagley for this type of a return a good idea?

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Move before he's back on crutches.


Vlade will hold on to MBIII for a long time hoping to erase the disaster of passing on Doncic.