NBA, union in 'serious talks' on practices for eight left out of Orlando

Sam Amico

It appears a second bubble hasn't burst, after all. More accurately, the NBA apparently remains committed to giving the bottom eight teams a chance to get in some organized practices before the start of next season.

The latest comes from Shams Charania of The Athletic, who reported the league and players' union are in "serious talks" on a bubble program that would be held in each of the bottom eight teams' home markets.

This would consists of "one week of individual workouts , two weeks of group practices (and) one hour of 5-on-5 per day" in September, Charania wrote.

A number of the eight teams not invited to resume the season have been pushing for some form of practices and games prior to the start of next season. The concept has been rocky so far, with reports suggesting the whole thing was probably off ... then back on again.

On and on it goes as the NBA attempts to find a way to get the Delete Eight some run.

That said, not everyone is in favor of the idea. While the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets are among those hoping to get back in the gym, the Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks have indicated they would prefer to take a pass.

Either way, the league apparently at least wants to find an option for those who are interested.

"We are looking at nine months between games now, and if the season is delayed, we are looking at possibly a full year between competitive games," ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski quoted one GM as saying. "That's unprecedented in the history of the sport. We deserve help here."