Non-playoff teams can't make trades for at least a month, maybe more

Sam Amico

When can the eight teams left out of the Orlando make trades?

Well, no one is sure. All we know is they can't do it now,. No one can.

According to Bobby Marks of ESPN, it's too early to say when the next moves can be made. Teams did already have one chance to sign players, and several did. But that week-long window for transactions closed Tuesday.

All we really know is 22 teams are scheduled to resume the season in Orlando at the end of the month. After a few weeks of seeding games, the playoffs will begin (Aug. 17).

Marks seems to believe that is when the NBA and players' union will agree to lift the no-trade moratorium for the teams that failed to reach the postseason. (At that point, there will be 14 in all.)

They could do more than make trades, of course. Teams not in the playoffs are generally permitted to make other moves, including cutting players, signing them to contract extensions or turning two-ways into standard deals.

But again, given the circumstances surrounding the league calendar (i.e. one big unknown), it's hard to know if things will still be the same for non-playoff teams this season.

If nothing else, the draft and free agency are scheduled for mid-October. And if non-playoff teams want to make a swap, well, they can always wait until then.