Akron's Dambrot leaving for Duquesne

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University of Akron basketball coach Keith Dambrot is leaving for Duquesne following 13 years with the Zips.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

His deal with Duquesne is for seven years at about $1 million per season, according to an ESPN report.

Dambrot’s status has been the subject of much speculation since before the season ended. He had been sought after by the University of South Florida.

Duquesne attempted to hire him away in 2012, but UA was able to keep him with a raise and a contract extension that eventually paid him about $600,000 this past season.

Cavaliers star LeBron James is close with Dambrot, and James told reporters in San Antonio he supports his former coach's decision.

“I support everything that coach D do,” he said. “Coach D has paid his dues more than any other coach in Akron history. The fact that he’s willing and ready to make a change I think is great. You said he got a seven-year deal? [James whistled] He must have got a pay raise, too. I’m definitely going to give him a call tonight. He’s got to take me to lunch when I get back home, that’s for sure."

Dambrot had also been in talks with South Florida, according to reports. He had won MAC Coach of the Year three times, leading Akron to the MAC tournament title three times.

No word yet on if Dambrot will take his Akron staff with him to Duquesne or if current members of the Zips plan to transfer.