Amico: Jazz between Warriors, milestone

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There's no greater pro basketball show than today's Golden State Warriors, so when your team gets a shot at them, it's news.

That's why the Utah Jazz are suddenly making headlines — as they're next in line for a Warriors team that is 26-1 and mostly rolling through the competition entering Wednesday's game.

In the process, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and the defending champs are setting all sorts of team and league milestones. It will be up to Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and the Jazz to keep the Warriors from setting another one.

The potential achievement in play? Well, the Warriors have won 12 straight at home. This particular game is at their home. And one more win at home means the Warriors will be off to the best home start in franchise history.

In the event that isn't making sense, don't worry about it. Just know that the Jazz want to beat the Warriors. They want to win every game — but some games in the regular season are undoubtedly more special than others.

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