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Moore: Sizing up super powers Warriors, Cavs

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Matt Moore
CBS Sports

We're halfway through the season, and the two teams that matter most in the NBA -- the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors -- have had roller-coaster seasons.

A month ago, the Warriors had lost to the Grizzlies, Rockets, Spurs and most notably the Cavaliers. Despite adding Kevin Durant, they looked mortal, and especially shaky in the clutch.

The Cavaliers, meanwhile, looked like they had the best team they've ever put on the floor. They were dominant, dynamic and looked like they had built chemistry and continuity.

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A month later, things look very different. Smudges on the Cavaliers' veneer look like huge cracks, and Golden State has taken every weakness and corrected them. Now it's the Cavaliers looking up at that mountain that is the Warriors and wondering how they're possibly going to have enough to get past them in June.

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