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Pelicans experiencing some growing pains

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MIAMI -- Chris Bosh remembers what it was like: the early burden as a high lottery pick, the expectations to lead a franchise to prosperity, the lucrative contract extension, unexpected coaching changes and frustrating injuries that conspired to stymie hope and progress.

Yes, Bosh easily concedes that Anthony Davis is a superior talent than he was in those early days in Toronto. But thinking back, Bosh sees plenty of similarities between the path he took as a dynamic young power forward trying to learn through losses and Davis' current plight with the hard-luck New Orleans Pelicans.

"Being the player he is, he gets more notoriety, and he's a lot better player than I was at that age," Bosh said of Davis. "But he's just in a tough position because you want to make the playoffs. You want to be a great player.

"You watch all the greats, and you know you have this talent and ability, but it just doesn't seem to happen. It's very early in his career. But we're measured on winning, and that's tough."

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Sympathy might be the last thing Bosh feels entering their matchup when the Pelicans visit the Heat on Friday in Davis' first Christmas game. But what was expected when the schedules were set as a moment of marquee exposure for one of the NBA's brightest stars might instead become a national inspection of all that has gone wrong this season for the once-promising Pelicans.

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