Divac wants Kings in playoffs, but also to spare cap space

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Sacramento Kings general manager Vlade Divac is making one thing clear -- he will not sacrifice salary-cap space for a playoff push, as indicated in an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic.

The Kings (19-16) are coming off a 117-116 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday and are in the thick of the early Western Conference playoff race.

"If you look at the standings, we’re in the playoffs. But are we desperate to do it? No, we’re not," Divac told Amick. "Do we want to be there? Yeah. Are we going to push? Yeah. The players are playing for it.

"We are supporting it. If I have to do something to help them, yeah I will do it. But not just from desperation and to sacrifice everything that we’ve built."

The Kings last made the playoffs in 2006, when they were eliminated in the first round.

As it currently stands, they will have about $60 million is available cap space this summer.

Divac also indicated he is open to acquiring a first-round draft pick. The better of the pick between the Kings and Philadelphia 76ers will go to the Boston Celtics in June.

"I have room to do that (by taking on another team’s ‘bad’ contracts in exchange for the pick)," Divac said. "So if I can convert (that into a pick), yes. But it’s not something (where) I’m desperate to do it. If it comes, great. If it doesn’t, I’m fine."