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Dribbles: All fun, and now All-Star Game, for Cavs

CLEVELAND -- Random dribbles on the Cavaliers' 113-104 victory over the visiting Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.

1. Ah, yes. The All-Star Break. A time to catch your breath, maybe catch some fish, and just enjoy the weekend.

2. Right, LeBron James? "It sucks because we've got a great rhythm right now," he said.

3. Oh, well then. Guess the All-Star break isn't for everyone. (By the way, I'd hate to be the guy telling James he's playing in the actual game.)

4. That's a joke, of course. And LeBron's point makes sense. The Cavs have won seven of eight. They're looking good, looking like they have things figured out after a rough January. "You hate to have the break," James said.

5. But the King of Cleveland Basketball did admit you can always pick things right back up when the break ends. And there are plenty of benefits to a little time off.

6. LeBron addressing that very thought: "The break is going to be good for everybody. It gives guys an opportunity to have some nicks and bruises and things of that nature (heal), and to get away and decompress a little bit. But we've been playing some good basketball."

7. The Cavs (39-16) certainly have been playing hard, playing smart and making winning plays for the better part of two weeks. Not surprisingly, All-Star Game starters James (31 points) and Kyrie Irving (26) have been showing the way.

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8. Then it becomes a different guy, it seems, filling in for the injured parties (Kevin Love and J.R. Smith being the biggest). Some nights it's Tristan Thompson. Others it's Channing Frye or Richard Jefferson or Iman Shumpert. Lately, it's even been newcomers Kyle Korver and Derrick Williams.

9. It's true Korver scored 22 points Wednesday. It's true he went 6-of-8 shooting on 3-pointers. But the best example that things went well for Korver? He had a dunk.

10. Korver is a fine athlete and 6-foot-7. But like Cavs teammate James Jones, Korver is an older guy (36 next month) who is known almost exclusively for his outside shot. So a dunk? For Korver, it's news.

11. Korver said he just talked with his Cavs teammates about dunking the other day. "I try to get one a year," he said. "I hadn't had one this year. I thought I was going to get one early, but then Jeff Teague, my old teammate (with Atlanta), ran me down. I was like, 'Come on, Jeff.' I thought that was my chance."

12. But Korver got another chance later. He threw it down, two hands, and even dangled from the rim for a moment. He got his dunk for the year. "Now the pressure is off," he said.

13. Cavs coach Tyronn Lue on the play. "He said he had a couple of dunks, but I didn't believe him. We saw it tonight. The guys were happy and surprised."

14. You know things are going well when the topic of the night is Korver dunking. But it's true -- the Cavs are in a good place. Now they just need to get healthy, stay healthy, and add another piece or two. I have a feeling they'll do exactly that before we see them take the floor again Feb. 23.

15. Until then, thanks as always for reading and following along. I'll have tons more on the Cavs, their potential moves, and all the usual league-wide stuff all weekend in this very space.