Williams: Durant and Warriors appear headed for a split

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First the fat boys break up -- now it's heading toward a potential ending to the Golden State Warriors dynasty.

A Christmas Day embarrassment, disaster, nightmare, whatever negative adjective you'd like to use, would be apropos for what we all were forced to witness Tuesday night from the Warriors -- at home in the Oracle.

With speculation hovering over Kevin Durant's impending free agency next summer, inner turmoil spilled onto the court last month when Golden State lifer Draymond Green committed the cardinal sin of using words to emasculate one Durant.

That was the beginning of the end as it relates to Durant's potential exodus from the Warriors as a simple failure to receive an outlet pass sparked a sideline explosion unseen from the fun-loving, chummy Warriors.

But not this year.

Nah, these players are biding time just waiting for this season to be over.

Sure, a three-peat would be great, but what's the point if it's not as genuine as the three championships won prior to this one?

Can the Warriors turn it around? Of course. It's not as if they're a middle-of-the-road team fighting for survival. The reactions come across as hyperbolic, but they're still a 23-12 (.657) team -- in the Western Conference.

But what about Durant? Is this where and how he wants to finish his prime years? Sandwiched between a two-time MVP in Steph Curry? And three other All-Sttars who went 73-9 a season before deciding to join forces with them?

My guess is no. The narrative surrounding his legacy so far is that he ran from the heat in Oklahoma City to partner with the team that sent him packing the year before.

He couldn't do it on his own, so he took the call from Green, who reportedly called him from the parking lot immediately after taking the loss against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and begged him to save them.

They needed him -- and used him to circumvent the oncoming onslaught of James and Kyrie Irving -- who would likely be too much had a move not been made.

But, the jig is up. Durant wants his own team and a chance to prove he deserves a spot on the Mount Rushmore mountain of greats.

His ability alone has earned him respect of the highest order, but his two championships will forever be stained by those believing he was just another piece added to an already well-oiled machine.

I expect Durant to get the heck out of Dodge and explore the big cities of Los Angeles and New York City. The Clippers and the Knicks would both do wonders for his brand as he would be able to generate buzz in a large market and demand the respect he's been seeking since he departed Oklahoma City for greener pastures.

His Warrior's run was fun while it lasted, but it's best for Durant and his legacy, to move on.