GM Hinkie at fault for Sixers' failings

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The Sixers coach liked his rookie of the year point guard. The general manager traded him. The coach liked his point guard at the end of last season. The general manager neglected to re-sign him.

The coach knew his team had no chance when this season began because he did not have an NBA starting quality point guard on the roster. The team got blown out a lot. The team blew many big leads. The team was 1-30, an embarrassment on the court, an embarrassment to the league when those Jahlil Okafor videos appeared on TMZ.

Sam Hinkie, the general manager, should have been fired long ago for basketball malpractice, selling a dream based on ping pong balls and the future drafting of the next LeBron James. Beyond that nonsense that became clear in the moments after Hinkie drafted an injured Joel Embiid and what eventually became the rights to Dario Saric, there is also this matter of point guard.

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