Heat reportedly make 'final offer' for Wolves' Butler

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It could be put up or shut up time for the Minnesota Timberwolves in regard to the Jimmy Butler situation, at least in terms of a potential deal with the Miami Heat, according to a report.

Ethan Skolnik of Miami's 5ReasonsSports and

Jimmy Butler update:

Multiple sources have told @5ReasonsSports & @FusaroESPN today that the Heat made what they deemed a "final offer" to the Wolves on Thursday morning & told the Wolves to sort out their situation.....

It is not clear if that has changed since....

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) September 28, 2018

">Stephan Fusaro of ESPN report the Heat have made what they consider to be their "final offer" for the All-Star swingman and are waiting for the Timberwolves to make the next move.

An opposing general manager told our Sam Amico the Butler trade request is a basketball issue.

No one but perhaps Butler and his representatives are really sure why he wants out of Minnesota. Even the Timberwolves are supposedly perplexed. They acquired him on draft night 2017, reuniting Butler with former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, the two sharing a mutual respect. That bond is still strong, as Thibodeau has tried to convince Butler to stay.

So why does Butler want out?

"Immaturity, selfishness, basically all the things that are wrong with basketball," the opposing GM said. "It's not even an NBA problem; it's a basketball problem. The current system is teaching great players that they are entitled at a very young age. Is it any surprise they're acting entitled as adults?

"Jimmy is just the product of a flawed basketball system that's poisoning the NBA."

The 29-year-old Butler turned down an offer of a four-year, $110 contract extension from the Timberwolves earlier this offseason, fueling speculation he may want to move on. He will become a free agent next summer barring an extension.