How refs blew call late in wild Warriors-Rockets game anyone's guess

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If you missed Thursday night's thriller between two of the top teams in the West, the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, you missed two memorable plays -- one by NBA MVP James Harden that won the game, and one by NBA officials that nearly gave the game to Golden State.

The play took place in the final 30 seconds of the overtime saga, when Warriors superstar Kevin Durant attempted to save a ball from going out of bounds on the Warriors’ second-to-last possession.

Durant, to everyone watching minus the officials, was so far out of bounds he might as well have grabbed a hot dog and sat in a first row seat.

The ball was called inbounds, and it ended up in the hands of Steph Curry, who nailed a shot with jumper with 23.1 seconds left to put Golden State up 134-132.

If you have yet to see the footage, here's the clips of Durant clearly out of bounds, and the ball at that point should have went to the Rockets.

To his credit, Durant basically said he knew he was out of bounds.

“I could believe it because the refs were missing a lot tonight,” Durant said.

While the officials on hand deserve all the criticism for blowing the call, Harden made up for it by hitting a wild three to win the game for Houston 135-134.