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It's Cavs' world, and it's only getting better

CLEVELAND -- All this and the Cavaliers may get Deron Williams, too?

Actually, let's talk about Williams in a minute. For now, let's focus on the Cavs as they stand -- the team with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and what's left of the lineup minus Kevin Love and (still) J.R. Smith.

The verdict?

Pretty doggone good, as the Cavs returned from the All-Star break to handle the poor New York Knicks 119-104 on Thursday at Quicken Loans Arena.

This one had a little bit of everything, from some massive LeBron dunks to some fantastic Tristan Thompson blocked shots to some even better LeBron blocks to a LeBron triple-double.

Oh, and Kyrie scored a team-high 23.

Not bad, according to Cavs coach Tyronn Lue in his postgame press conference. Actually, Lue never spoke those words, but that's a pretty accurate summary.

Granted, this came against a Knicks team that can't seem to get out of its own way. It has veteran talent -- the type of talent that in, oh, 2012 probably really would've meant something.

And Carmelo Anthony is still pretty good. Derek Rose isn't horrible. And Courtney Lee (25 points) proved he can still catch fire. Also, Kristaps Porzingis isn't an older guy, but he could've been named an All-Star and most people wouldn't have complained.

But these pieces just don't seem to fit. Something is just off. That's bad news when you're playing these Cavs, who for the majority of the night were very much on.

By the way, James finished with 18 points, 15 whopping assists and 13 big rebounds, as the Cavs improved to 8-1 in February.

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Also, Kyle Korver erupted for 20 points off the bench, and newcomer Derrick Williams even hit a 3-pointer, too.

Let's forget that Williams later air-balled a three (he tried to act like it was a pass), because this guy has given the Cavs much more than they expected when signing him to a 10-day contract more than 10 days ago.

He's done well enough, in fact, that they gave him another 10-day deal just Wednesday. The plan is to sign him for the rest of the season, and all Williams needs to do to is keep playing like himself while dressed in a Cavs uniform.

But that's Derrick Williams. Now let's talk about Deron.

As of 24 hours ago, Deron Williams was a point guard with the Dallas Mavericks. But the Mavericks waived him on trade-deadline day Thursday, and once he clears waiver (sometime Saturday), he is expected to join the defending champs.

At least, that's what the national reports have indicated.

Williams is 32 years old, a former lottery pick and a fine player whose career could use a little rejuvenating. Cleveland seems like the perfect place for that these days.

The Cavs (40-16) are also exploring adding a big man, with names such as Andrew Bogut and Larry Sanders being mentioned most.

It's some type of world we are living in where the best team in the league last season can add two guys (Williams and whoever) that everyone else would love to have -- and without even needing to make a trade to do it first.

But that's the NBA world today, the Cavs' world right now, and it appears to be a darn good place to live.