Kerr believes NCAA student-athletes should be able to make money

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SteveKerr is regarded as one of the most approachable -- and quotable -- coaches in the NBA.

When asked Saturday night before his Golden State Warriors hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oracle Arena about the FBI's corruption investigation that has rocked the college basketball world, Kerr didn't hesitate.

“It’s not just my reaction based on the news from yesterday,” Kerr told reporters. “It’s needed reform for many years. I don’t think the NCAA needs to pay the athletes.

"But I think what the NCAA needs to do is allow the athletes to make some money if they’re able to do so off the floor.”

Despite the ongoing investigation, Kerr believes college athletes should be allowed to earn money. That would eliminate all of the past and present scandals regarding players who accept money illegally from agents, shoe companies, etc.

Kerr said the NCAA, despite the current climate, is doing a lot of things correctly.

“The NCAA model is really a good one,” he said. “I’ve got two kids who went through the NCAA model of playing in college, getting their education. My daughter got a scholarship to Cal. That was not paid for by Cal volleyball. It was paid for by Cal football and Cal basketball.

"So you’ve got the revenue-producing sports that are helping pay for the other 20 sports. I like that model. I think it’s great. You’re putting out a lot of student-athletes into the community who are learning, and getting their education and being part of a team."

The former Arizona Wildcat standout believes there is a way to allow student-athletes to make money without compromising the integrity of the NCAA's standards.

“If there’s a guy who happens to be a dominant player and Nike wants to pay him or Adidas wants to pay him to go to a certain school — the school is not paying him,” Kerr said. “I think there’s a way. It may be something similar to the Olympic model. It used to be the Olympians couldn’t make a dime. Now you see MichaelPhelps and LindseyVonn in commercials. They’re still in the Olympics, still doing great. People love the Olympics. So there’s a way.

"There needs to be reform and, obviously, there’s a lot of work that needs to go into it. But that’s what I’d like to see.”