Knicks rookie Knox not happy with NY fans wanting the team to lose

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New York fans in general can be ruthless when they want to be, but it's been odd how the team is reacting how they want their basketball team -- the Knicks -- to lose games so they can get a better lottery pick this summer.

One player on the team isn't taking too kindly to all the noise about losing, that being rookie Kevin Knox.

Knox spoke out about New York fans who are rooting against the team, wanting them to lose games on purpose.

“Yeah, a lot of fans, they always say some dumb stuff,’’ Knox said in Monday's New York Post.

“You see it all the time with the tanking and want us to lose, stuff like that. It’s kind of stupid. They’re not really true New Yorkers.

"Real Knicks fans know that we’re trying to just take this year to just develop us young guys and then next year hopefully make a push.”

The Knicks are currently 10-45, and if you haven't been paying attention they have been on the losing end of 29 of their last 31 games, so it goes without saying why fans want them to lose at this point, they haven't proven they can do anything else.

“We’re just missing a couple of pieces," Knox said Monday morning at the team shootaround at Quicken Loans Arena.

"It’s really good for us young guys to go out there and play against some of those playoff teams and be able to be in games. We lose to the Raptors by five, it’s a playoff team. It’s good to see us — we’re getting better every single game.”

Just "getting better" has never been the standard in New York, and the fan base really just wants the team to tank so it will be right up there with the likes of the Cavs and Chicago for the chance to land Duke's Zion Williamson in the summer's NBA draft.