LeBron will reportedly use 'Space Jam 2' trailer to announce next decision

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Whether he lands in Los Angeles or not, Hollywood will react to whatever team LeBron James decides to play for next season.

With James' future pretty much having the basketball world waiting with baited breath, a report surfaced in regards to "Space Jam 2," a Warner Brothers production in which James is said to be starring.

According to a report from thehypemagazine.com, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, who must decide on a $35.6 million player option for next season by 11:59 p.m. on Friday night, will reportedly release a trailer for "Space Jam 2," a sequel to the 1996 film, "Space Jam," which starred Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing.

The report says James will release the trailer on the Instagram TV app just after making the call on his player option with the Cavaliers.

Ben Axelrod of WKYC (Ch. 3) TV in Cleveland said that will indeed be the case.

“According to a new report, James is expected to use his summer spotlight to highlight another upcoming project, ‘Space Jam 2,’” he said. "Per The Hype Magazine, shortly after revealing his free-agent destination, James will unveil the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel on the recently revealed Instagram TV app.”

The Hype Magazine report pointed out that the contents of the trailer for "Space Jam 2" will reveal what team James will be playing for. That indicates James has already made that decision.

“The reasoning behind it is that the contents of this said trailer will state where the King is actually going,” Landon Buford wrote recently.

“The person who informed me of this supposed trailer also indicated what team the King is going to.”

James is anything but a stranger to the big screen. He and his production company, Springhill Entertainment, have been involved in several productions, including "Survivor's Remorse" on Starz and "The Wall" game show on NBC.

The director and writer for "Space Jam 2" will be Justin Lin, the driving force for the "Fast & Furious" series becoming a worldwide hit.

“We have actors who are also professional athletes, so scheduling is something that’s tough,” Lin told IGN.com last summer.

“I feel like I’ve done nine different iterations already and we’re going to keep going,” Lin continued. “But we’re getting closer every day. To be able to…in a relevant way, bring the Looney Tunes back, that’s something that’s very important to me to do it right.”