Bucks' Delly picking apart angry Raptors

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A look at the latest on the first-round series between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors.

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Just as he set them for LeBron James in Cleveland, Matthew Dellavedova now sets up Bucks leading scorer Giannis Antetokounmpo expertly, which was evident in Milwaukee's Game 1 Eastern Conference playoff victory Thursday against Toronto, 97-83." (Full report.)

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "And Toronto isn’t happy about the way Dellavedova sets those screens. 'He did set 18 screens and we did look at them,' said Raptors coach Dwane Casey on Monday afternoon. 'A lot of them weren't legal.'" (Full report.)

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan was asked about Dellavedova’s screens and said: 'If you pay my fine, I’ll answer that question.'" (Full report.)

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "The Raptors were a bit surprised at the way the Milwaukee Bucks’ long-armed defenders erased or altered shots at the rim, particularly in the second half of Toronto’s 97-83 defeat in Game 1 on Saturday." (Full report.)

Per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Bucks center Thon Maker wiped away a certain layup by DeRozan in the third quarter to ignite a fast break, and the 7-foot-1 rookie clearly earned the Raptors all-star’s attention." (Full report.)

Per the Toronto Sun: "The Toronto Raptors have coughed and belched off the start, as they tend to do. They cannot, for the life of them, win the first game of a playoff series, having now dropped the opener in nine consecutive first-round series with Saturday’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. They generally do not start games well, either, having trailed after the first half-dozen minutes of a game far more often than they are ahead over the last two seasons." (Full column.) Per the Toronto Sun: "It is a problem that has plagued this team when it is at full strength, and when DeMar DeRozan was hurt last year and when Kyle Lowry was out this year. It was an issue when the starting lineup included Luis Scola, and then when it included Patrick Patterson and now that it has Serge Ibaka." (Full column.) Per the Toronto Sun: "It is, as coach Dwane Casey said on Monday, 'our biggest mystery.'" (Full column.)

Per the Toronto Star: "When DeRozan and Lowry have seen their offensive effectiveness take a hit, so have the Raptors. A season ago, Toronto had the fifth-most efficient offence in the league in the regular season. By the end of their run to the Eastern final, they ranked 12th among 16 playoff teams. Two seasons ago they finished third in regular-season offensive efficiency. In the playoffs they ranked 15th of 16 teams." (Full report.)

Per the Toronto Star: "This is who they are — a gaggle of players predictable and limited enough in their attack as to be seen as stoppable. DeRozan’s reliance on mid-range jumpers and free-throw-inducing drives isn’t always conducive to beating the more concentrated defensive approaches of the post-season (although Saturday’s 27-point performance, in which he took 21 shots but went 13 for 14 from the free-throw line, was encouraging enough.)." (Full report.)

Per the Toronto Star: "Rick Carlisle, the Dallas Mavericks coach, was pumping the tires of Milwaukee’s Jason Kidd before a game late in the NBA regular season, trying to drum up support for Kidd as the coach of the year." (Full report.)

Per the Toronto Star: "Carlisle — an astute observer of the game, an accomplished and underrated coach with a unique perspective on what it takes to do the job — pointed to Kidd’s handling of raw 20-year-old Thon Maker as an example." (Full report.)

Per the Toronto Star: "Maker barely played early in the season, a total of 100 minutes after 41 games, but has been a starter since late January and blossomed." (Full report.) For toronto raptors tickets, there are plenty of sellers and re-sellers online.

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