Nance Jr.: Lakers have heard all the buzz about big names

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No one follows what's going on -- or even what's rumored to be going on -- in the NBA more so than the players themselves.

Just ask LarryNanceJr.

The young jumping-jack forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, appearing on the HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy, has heard and read about all of the big-name players -- including PaulGeorge of the Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBronJames of the Cleveland Cavaliers -- potentially joining him in Los Angeles this summer.

Does that get him even more pumped up for what could be happening at Staples Center as soon as next season?

“Um, hmm. So-so. I mean, like I said, there are rumors that LeBron is going to go [everywhere]," Nance, the son of former NBA great LarryNance of the Suns and Cavaliers, said. "There are rumors about everything. Obviously, everybody knows about the Paul George stuff and that whole saga. Now there’s [talk like], ‘LeBron may come to LA and he just bought a house there]!’"

Nance said he and his Lakers teammates have read and heard it all.

"And yeah, we read all of that. We read all of the clickbait stuff," he said. ":But in reality, we’re just focused on what’s in front of us. We’re just trying to be the best team we can be."

And if the rumors come to fruition and one of the big-name superstars lands in LA with the Lakers?

"If someone like LeBron James or Paul George or one of those stars does come here in the summer, then it’s like, ‘Whew! That would increase our win total by, like, 20!’" he said. "You read it. You look at it. But in terms of paying attention to it? Not too much.”