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Carmelo reportedly still wants only Rockets

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Nothing has changed since Carmelo Anthony reportedly told the New York Knicks that the Houston Rockets are his preferred destination, according to a new report from ESPN.

In fact, sources told Amico Hoops, the Cleveland Cavaliers may have removed themselves from the Carmelo sweepstakes following the trade demand of Kyrie Irving.

The Cavs would be unwilling to trade Irving for just Anthony and draft picks, sources said. And with Irving likely on the move, the Cavs are changing their battle plan to keeping LeBron James in town and content, and the team competing for titles.

That's a good thing, considering Anthony seems set on the Rockets. Anthony, of course, has a no-trade clause in his contract -- but the Knicks are having a hard time finding a workable deal with Houston.

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Per ESPN: "As was reported on Saturday, New York is not interested at this point in including Kristaps Porzingis in any trade for Irving. Some in the Knicks organization would trade Anthony and multiple first-round picks for Irving (though there is not uniform agreement on the idea of dealing multiple first-round picks in any trade at the moment, according to people familiar with the Knicks' thinking)."

Where will Anthony wind up? How about Irving? Those are the questions of the summer in a year when Paul George (Indiana to Oklahoma City), Jimmy Butler (Chicago to Minnesota) and Chris Paul (LA Clippers to Houston) have already been on the move.