Mirotic camp to Bulls: It's me or Portis

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Representatives for Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic have relayed to the team that either he or teammate Bobby Portis must be traded, according to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Multiple sources Thursday confirmed to the Sun-Times that Mirotic’s camp gave the Bulls a 'me or him' ultimatum, with Mirotic insisting he or Portis be gone when he is ready to return to action," the newspaper reported.

Mirotic and Portis were involved in a practice scuffle that resulted in multiple facial fractures for Mirotic, who also suffered a concussion. He was initially expected to miss four-to-six weeks as a result of the injuries.

Mirotic signed a two-year contract late into the offseason, and the contract gives him the power to veto a trade. However, the Chicago Tribune reported that he would be willing to let a trade away from the Bulls slide -- in the event the Bulls opt to keep Portis.

Bulls shooting guard Justin Holiday was asked by reporters if he could handle being a teammate of someone who punched him, and Holiday was diplomatic in his response.

‘‘I think about that, but I’m a different person,’’ he said. ‘‘I don’t know. It would take a lot of time for me. I would have to really think about that.

‘‘But each guy is different. Obviously, I can put myself in that situation and guess what would happen, but it’s not me. I don’t want to comment on that where it makes it, ‘Well, he should have done this because this is what Justin would have done.’ It’s not my situation to comment on. That’s really tough. I can understand both sides.’’