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Cavs' Wade on Rose: 'It's a big mental toll, man'

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Dwayne Wade feels for Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Derrick Rose.

"It's a big mental toll, man," Wade told reporters of Rose's nagging injuries.

The latest is an ankle issue that has kept Rose out for all but seven of the Cavs' 19 games. It appears to be bothering Rose enough that he is reportedly away from the team and contemplating retirement.

Wade was speaking after the Cavs' 100-99 win over the visiting Charlotte Hornets on Friday.

"Obviously, I can't say I understand what he's going through, but I understand what he's going through," Wade told the assembled media. "I definitely had a moment in my career a few years back where I was thinking about retiring myself. It's hard when you're dealing with injuries after injuries after injuries -- it takes a toll on you mentally."

Rose, 29, is averaging 14.3 points but just 1.7 assists with the Cavs. He signed with the team during the offseason.

"It will take you to the highest of highs and lowest of lows," Wade said. "If you're not mentally where you need to be, it affects you with your family, it affects you with your day to day. You're just hurting. When you're hurting, you're frustrated, and sometimes you think about walking away from the game."

Wade, 35, said he thought about it himself, but was "glad" he decided to keep playing.

"That was almost four years ago," he said. "I'm glad I didn't because I'm still able to enjoy the game. But it definitely was a real moment for me because I was hurting every time I made a move. No one wants to live like that."