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Amico: Altman's next move will be Cavs' biggest

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You're Koby Altman, the Cleveland Cavaliers' new general manager.

Your first task is to sign Derrick Rose to a minimum contract. This might not be easy. Your team is in turmoil. Everyone is wondering what will happen with Kyrie Irving, who has demanded a trade.

Rose has been offered more money, perhaps more stability, with other teams. All you can offer him is a chance to play with LeBron James, a good chance to reach the Finals. So that is what you pitch.

It works, as Rose accepts. You've pulled off your first successful negotiation -- less than four hours after you officially got the job.

But the next task is significantly bigger. It is the type of ordeal that can make or break a GM, the type of situation that you probably weren't expecting.

Now, you must figure out what to do with Irving, the All-Star point guard. He told the team's owner, Dan Gilbert, that he wants out.

Gilbert will help you, but you need to decide what to do. The calls are pouring in. The real offers aren't far behind. There are some lousy ones, too. Some experienced GMs will try to pull one over on the new guy. You realize this. Still, you must maintain your poise and build relationships with your peers.

Everything you do from here could alter the course of the franchise. It could help you overtake the powerful Golden State Warriors. Or it could make you a laughingstock. Worse, it could lead to the breakup of the team in 2018 -- or sooner.

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What happens with Irving will likely define your career, how others view you, and whether this is the career for you. Fair or not, that's the way this business works.

You tell yourself you're ready.

Now all you need to do is figure out whether Irving can stay, whether his supposedly broken relationship with James can be repaired. But you will likely need to trade the most dynamic, most dazzling point guard in team history. You understand all this.

Irving is a fan favorite. The kids absolutely adore him. This isn't going to be easy. But you can't let emotions get in the way of a good deal.

Luckily for you, Gilbert has been here before and knew he probably would be again. James left in free agency in a bad basketball moment back in 2010. Mike Brown was fired as coach -- twice. Andrew Wiggins was traded for Kevin Love.

If you're Gilbert, you're used to the madness.

Then again, nothing can prepare an owner or new GM for something like this. Nobody expected a Irving to demand a trade after his team reached three straight trips to the Finals. In 2016, he hit the franchise's biggest 3-pointer to bury the Warriors in Game 7.

Yet here you are. You just got the job. Your star point guard wants out. And this could be just the beginning of some offseason drama. Your job is to manage all of it.

You're Koby Altman. What do you do?