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Amico: Cavs unwavering in Kyrie trade talks

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Random dribbles on the Cleveland Cavaliers, as this summer of madness continues.

1. When it comes to Kyrie Irving and his trade demands, the Cavs aren't holding back. They are making every effort to grant him his wish, move on and move him to a new team. It truly is full speed ahead from the Cavs' end.

2. No less than seven teams have made serious inquiries to the Cavs already. The Cavs will eventually get an offer they really like, and it will be the end of the Irving era in Cleveland.

3. Again, this is something the Cavs are determined to do. They aren't expecting Irving to suddenly say he wants to stay. They believe the relationship is over.

4. But league sources tell AmicoHoops the Cavs are in no hurry. They know an excellent deal is out there. And this could go on a while. They have no timetable.

5. One common theme of the Cavs' early Irving talks: They want young talent in return. They want at least one player who can help now, and in the future.

6. That is why we are hearing the names of rookies such as De'Aaron Fox of Sacramento and Josh Jackson of Phoenix. Those are the types of players the Cavs will want in a package. It doesn't mean they are set on either of those two. But it's that upside they believe they will eventually get.

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7. Some players and executives seem to understand Irving's desire to be dealt. A number have indicated Irving is merely jealous of LeBron James, and according to one source, how the organization "will move heaven and earth for LeBron."

8. The source then added this: "Of course, in return, LeBron holds them hostage."

9. Irving appears to be upset that the Cavs are All LeBron, All The Time. That may or may not be true -- but it seems to be what is bothering Irving. Sources say Irving feels he was the one who was in Cleveland through the worst, back during the Byron Scott and Mike Brown eras after James had left for Miami. Yet it is LeBron who gets all the love today.

10. Irving also feels that he was the one who, despite being here for the bad times, signed an extension as soon as he could. Now, sources say, Irving feels slighted, disrespected.

11. One source said, "If only (Cavs owner) Dan Gilbert could trade LeBron. He could get the motherload in return before LeBron could walk away again."

12. It's doubtful Gilbert would go down that road even if he could. But he can't, because James has a no-trade clause in his contract. Really, though, it doesn't matter. Given the Cavs' miserable record without James, he's not the guy you move in this situation.

13. No one from the Cavaliers will ever forget Irving's huge 3-pointer in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals. He is truly remarkable. He is a fan favorite and he will be missed. But the first title in franchise history was delivered by James, and no one in the organization will believe otherwise. So LeBron will always be the favorite son in Cleveland.

14. Gilbert and new general manager Koby Altman will meet with reporters Wednesday at 4 p.m. The purpose is to introduce Altman. The questions will likely be about everything but that. The Cavs deserve credit here. This will not be an easy press conference.