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Weekly Mailbag: Kyrie, Kyrie and more Kyrie

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Here are your questions, and my answers, from the Amico Hoops e-mail bag. Send your NBA-related questions to me at the Amico Hoops contact form or at

Would the Cavaliers consider trading Kyrie Irving to the Trail Blazers for Damian Lillard or New Orleans for DeMarcus Cousins? If not is there a chance Kyrie stays next season and the Cavs resolve the issue? - Todd D.

Dear Todd, to answer the first part of your question, I think the Cavs have to consider all possibilities. And yes, I think they'd be open to swapping Kyrie for Lillard or Kyrie for Cousins. These aren't real trades that have been discussed -- but I know if I'm the Cavs, I'd listen to everything. Secondly, yes, absolutely. I believe there is an actually a decent chance this whole thing is resolved and Irving remains with the team.

Since it seems likely the Cavs will eventually trade Kyrie (which is KILLING me!!), what, if anything, can they do to keep LeBron James happy so he stays and doesn't totally leave them in ruins? - Matt E.

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Dear Matt, I don't think anything (trading Kyrie included) will influence LeBron's decision. The biggest thing to him is being where he has the best chance to play for a championship. Or maybe it's just being "home." Either way, the Cavs are the only place that offers him the best chance to do both. Unless the Cavs totally blow up the roster and fail to make it back to the Finals, I'm strongly predicting LeBron stays -- Kyrie or no Kyrie.

Did new Cavs general manager Koby Altman and Dan Gilbert promise Derrick Rose that he would start at point guard? - Matt G.

Dear Matt, no. Altman and Gilbert promised Rose nothing beyond the chance to play for a title. Rose has been in the league long enough to know what the Cavs have to offer and that nothing is given. If he wants the starting point guard role, and minutes, he will have to earn them. And it will be up to Coach Tyronn Lue to determine how best to use him. Did the Cavs sell the opportunity? Sure. But that's it.

Trade idea: Cavs get Andre Drummond (Pistons) and Eric Bledsoe (Suns), the Pistons get Iman Shumpert (Cavs), Tristan Thompson (Cavs) and T.J. Warren (Suns), and the Suns get Kyrie and Henry Ellenson (Pistons). - Zahir M.

Dear Zahir, you put some real work into this. I like it all the way around, for all three teams. Readers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.