Coaches wonder if shorter camp leading to injuries

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Did the shortened training camps and preseason lead to an increase in injuries early in the NBA's regular season?

Some coaches sure seem to think so.

“We went extremely hard because of the shortened training camp,” Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd said in a story by Yahoo Sports.

“We tried to get guys in shape. That’s one of the big things with a shortened camp. There’s a chance of not being in basketball shape, and you see a lot of injuries, a lot of guys out.”

So far, the league's wave of injuries have ended the season for the likes of Brooklyn's Jeremy Lin and most likely Boston's Gordon Hayward. And those are just the biggies.

As Chris Mannix of Yahoo noted, "The number of early-season sprains, strains and bruises has been alarming."

Of course, the NBA started the season early to create less back-to-back games -- in an effort curtail injuries. So the league, clearly, can't win for losing.

“People say 10 days doesn’t matter,” Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told Yahoo of the shortened camps. “It does.”