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Pistons' Van Gundy: NBA should scrap draft

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Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said the NBA should eliminate the draft and make all rookies free agents, wrote Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free-Press.

“I’d get rid of it, just get rid of the draft altogether,” Van Gundy told reporters when asked about lottery reform. "We’d just deal with the salary cap. Make all (rookies) free agents coming in and if I want to go give a guy $50 million a year, good, but I got to do it under the cap.

“I think if you did that and you had no individual max on players, we’d start to get some parity in the league, but the league really doesn’t want parity. They want the super teams, and I get that. It’s worked well, business-wise.”

The NBA's Board of Governors approved lottery reform to discourage "tanking" (or losing on purpose) by a 28-1-1 vote last week.

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Van Gundy's idea has actually been suggested by writers and even league executives in the past. The fear, of course, would be that draft-eligible players would all flock to the large markets if they were free agents.

"They say everybody would want to go to L.A., well how much money are they going to give up to go to those places?” Van Gundy said.