Nuggets coach Malone to opposing fans: 'Take that L on way out'

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Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone doesn't mind seeing fans in opposing colors fill the Nuggets arena. As long as they accept what may be coming.

Malone was asked about Los Angeles Lakers fans who decorated the Pepsi Center during the Nuggets' 32-point win Wednesday. Yes, the Nuggets pounded LeBron James and the Lakers ... by a 117-85 count.

"We don't want any converts. You're either with us or against us," Malone said, as reporters laughed. "We understand. LeBron is arguably the greatest player ever. So when he comes to town, and the Lakers, their fans carry.

"As long as their fans go home disappointed, that's all I care about. So the Warrior fans can come in here, the Celtic fans can come in here, the Laker fans can come in here. But take that L on the way out."

The Nuggets are 14-7 after Tuesday's win, playing some of the league's best defense and giving themselves a chance almost every night.

James and the Lakers, on the other hand, are still learning to play together, and even after having played well lately, are 11-9 and are still prone to getting hammered on the road.

James played perhaps his worst game of the season, worst in a long time, finishing with 14 points and just two assists, compared to four turnovers.