Opposing exec on Wizards' Wall: 'Game passed him by'

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While the Washington Wizards may be looking to shake things up, it appears opposing executives are less-than-enamored with anything the Wizards might have to offer -- including John Wall or Bradley Beal.

According to a report from Sean Deveney of the Sporting News, Wall in particular would be a player the Wizards would struggle to trade, if they so desired.

Part of the reason for all this? It seems the Wizards have gained a reputation for failing to develop their talent.

"It’s not where you want to see a guy go to get development," one executive told Deveney. "I don’t think they’re bad guys, but they must be frustrated. Beal has gotten better, but he does a lot of work on his own, not with the team. Otto Porter does some nice things, good role player, but he has been the same player for the last three years, really. He could be better if he were somewhere else.

"And Wall, the game passed him by. He has had nine years to learn to shoot, and he still can’t shoot. I can’t go to my coach and tell him we are getting a starting point guard who can’t shoot. Not for $40 million a year."

Deveney went on to report that Beal's perimeter shooting gives him some trade value, but "Beal is the guy the Wizards would most like to keep," Deveney wrote.

"Porter also has value, but the Wizards likely would be forced to take back a bad contract to move him. Washington might be able to wring a draft pick from such a deal, but trading Porter for a deadweight contract and a pick will hardly solve the team’s problems."

The Wizards are coming off a win over the Houston Rockets on Monday, but have struggled mightily for most of the early season. A recent ESPN report suggested they are opening the door to trades.

"Asked which Wizard might be the easiest to trade, the executive said that Markieff Morris, in the final year of his contract, would be a welcome addition to a contender seeking a versatile big man who brings toughness," Deveney wrote.