Rockets draw little interest in Lawson

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Back in July, when all transactions looked good on paper, the Houston Rockets executed a low-risk, high-reward trade for troubled point guard Ty Lawson. Houston gave up nothing of value -- a hodgepodge of non- and partially guaranteed contracts and a heavily protected 2016 first-round pick -- and had the potential to reap substantial benefits.

It was worth a shot.

Since then, Lawson has struggled and James Harden hasn't been able to figure out how to co-exist in the backcourt with him. The Rockets, who were legitmately expected to compete for a Western Conference and NBA title this year, fired coach Kevin McHale only 11 games into the season and now they're tip-toeing the .500 mark in the bottom half of a conference that is surprisingly wide open. In a sign that not all trades have a clear winner and loser, breathing down the Rockets' neck in the standings are those same Denver Nuggets who'd sent Houston a point guard in alcohol rehab five months ago.

Now, the Rockets are contemplating their next move -- and it could involve trying to accommodate a desire on the part of Lawson and his agents to find a trade partner for him.

Easier said than done.

Even the Rockets, who have a long track record of expertly drumming up leverage in seemingly desperate trade scenarios, will struggle to find Lawson a new home. The trade market for him is minimal, league sources tell CBS Sports, and the best move for Houston might be to hold onto him.

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