Why was LeBron in the Rams (and not the Cowboys) locker room Saturday night?

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Lakers star and face of the NBA LeBron James has long been associated as a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, going back to his youth in Akron.

So Saturday night when a postgame clip came out of James walking through the Los Angeles Rams locker room following their 30-22 NFC divisional playoff win over his beloved Cowboys, it had everyone scratching their heads as to why James was not grieving with his Cowboys.

Here's the clip of James walking through the Rams locker room after their win which puts them in the NFC Title game next weekend.

The solving of the mystery did not last long, and James himself gave the reasoning behind his going behind enemy lines -- it was BEFORE the game -- and (according to James himself) it was to use the bathroom.

Can you imagine being a Rams player and walking into the restroom before the biggest game of your life and seeing one of the greatest NBA players in history using the same facility?

Here's a pic of James' Instagram account explaining himself, and giving some love to the Rams as well.

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Mystery solved, but still a rather interesting set of circumstances for James to explain about.