Wolves' Prince a king of NBA longevity

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Tayshaun Prince may not be the hottest star in the NBA. But when the Minnesota Timberwolves signed the 35-year-old forward last year, they saw his value as a veteran player.

In a league where the average career lasts five years, according to the NBA, Mr. Prince is in his 14th season, still starting games and still having an impact.

Mr. Prince credits his longevity in a sport with endless travel and an 82-game regular season to his work with Arnie Kander, named the Timberwolves’ vice president of sports performance in September. Mr. Prince worked with Mr. Kander for 11 years when they were both with the Detroit Pistons.

Over the years he has learned that strenuous lifting isn’t the secret to becoming faster and stronger. "Most trainers tend to work big muscles, but we tackle the small muscles first," Mr. Prince says. "Arnie’s techniques put less stress on the body but yield the same results."

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