Amico: Five random dribbles on Cavs

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Five random dribbles on the Cavaliers heading into Wednesday's home game vs. the Hornets.

1. The Cavs (40-15) need a bounce-back game after the flat outing vs. the Pistons on Monday. LeBron James looked exhausted, Kyrie Irving talked about bed bugs and Kevin Love was underutilized in the second half. It was a night to forget.

2. The Hornets (29-26) are a hit-or-miss team that's jostling for a decent playoff seed. They always play the Cavs tough -- and finally beat James at the start of the month after a massive losing streak to the Cavs star. It was also one of the Cavs' biggest disappointments, as they were at full strength and the Hornets were without Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson.

3. I suspect the Cavs will indeed sign someone soon to fill at least one of their two available roster spots. It seems as if they are patiently eyeing the buyout market -- and particularly waiting to see what might become of Joe Johnson (Nets) or Kevin Martin (Timberwolves). That's just a guess, though. There's no telling who or what the Cavs might pursue.

4. I posted a list of some available NBA free agents right here, and as you'll see, it's slim pickings. How slim is it? People are asking me about J.J. Hickson and Andrea Bargnani. Yeah, um, no thanks.

5. The Cavs could probably use another dead-eye shooter. J.R. Smith runs hot and cold, and LeBron and Love are really struggling from the perimeter (although Love has been better lately). Unfortunately, I'm not sure that guy is out there.

Bonus Dribble: Keep an eye out for Vander Blue,a 6-foot-4 shooting guard with the D-League's Bakersfield Jam. Not sure the Cavs have an interest, but word is Blue will receive a 10-day contract from some NBA team somewhere soon.