Amico: Five random dribbles on the Cavs

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Five random dribbles on the Cavaliers entering Sunday's afternoon game at the Wizards.

1. I didn't watch Steph Curry and the Warriors' thriller of a win over the Thunder on Saturday night. Frankly, if the Cavs aren't playing and it's not the playoffs, I rarely tune in to entire NBA games. I'm usually watching college games, high school games, or probably movies. Nothing against the NBA. I love it. But covering it is also my job. So I see more than enough.

2. In fact, here's a stat for you: The Warriors are an astounding 53-5 overall -- but just 3-3 when I watch them. Take away the two games against the Cavs, and it's 1-3. Somehow, you'd think I could make some money off that.

3. Anyway, I did hear all about Curry's big shot (the national media's love affair with the guy, after all, is unavoidable) ... and it got me thinking. The Warriors swept the Cavs. They have yet to lose to the Spurs or Thunder or Clippers or Raptors. In fact, four of their five defeats have come to teams that may not even make the playoffs (the Bucks, Nuggets, Trail Blazers and Pistons). The other came without Curry, vs. the Mavericks.

4. But that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking that it's easy to start looking ahead a little. It's easy to see a scenario where the Warriors get through the West again (very easy, in fact) -- and LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and the Cavs emerge from the East. Basically, it's becoming easier by the week to daydream of a Finals rematch. And the Cavs do want another shot. My guess is the Warriors want a shot at an entirely healthy Cavs team, too.

5. Of course, a lot can happen between now and then. I'm sure not gonna rule out the Spurs -- although I can tell you my days of discounting the Warriors are officially over. And as I wrote in my previous dribbles, the Cavs still have to pull it together a little. They can't afford to look past opponents in the East, that's for sure. Especially the Raptors.

Bonus Dribble: And the playoffs are an entirely different ball game. Refs don't call games as closely, and things are considerably more physical. The floor shrinks, the rotation shrinks, and the weak-minded will likely need to see basketball shrinks. So it's important for the Cavs to keep building good habits and to stay (get?) mentally tough. That is precisely what these next 20-plus games should be about -- to become as unblemished as possible for when it means the most.