Amico: Ten random dribbles on the Cavs

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Ten random dribbles on the Cavaliers entering Friday's road game vs. the Raptors.

1. The Cavs head to Toronto with Joe Johnson on their minds. At least, that's what the reports are saying. The Cavs could also potentially have an interest in Kevin Martin.

2. Actually, the Cavs are heading to Toronto with nothing but the Raptors on their minds -- as this is a biggie as far as regular season games go. But it does seem considerably bigger for the Raptors.

3. If the Raptors win, it will mean they protected home court vs. the East's top team. And that probably counts for something. But if they lose, most everyone will doubt they'll ever overtake the Cavs for the conference's No. 1 playoff spot.

4. That's right, LeBron James and the Cavs (41-15) and Kyle Lowry and the Raptors (38-18) are just three games apart. Still, the Raptors have wisely insisted it's not a big deal, no matter what happens Friday.

5. Anyway, back to Johnson. A lot of people seem to wonder where he'd fit in. Along with James and starting shooting guard J.R. Smith, the Cavs also have the likes of Iman Shumpert (when healthy) and Richard Jefferson at the wing positions. But in today's swingman-filled NBA, you honestly could play three of those guys at the same time. Maybe four.

6. I'm not saying Johnson would come to Cleveland and take over, but he's had an off year with the Nets and still managed to score 11 points a game and shoot 36 percent on 3-pointers. He's still a threat, and with two open roster spots, I see no reason why the Cavs shouldn't give him a try (if he wants to come). Frankly, there isn't a much else out there.

7. I'd take Johnson over Martin, who reportedly is nearing a buyout with the Timberwolves. But I wouldn't be disappointed if I'm the Cavs and I ended up with Martin. He too makes threes and has always done a nice job of getting to the free-throw line.

8. Both players are closing in on the end of their careers, and both want to play for a contender. Regardless of what happens in Toronto on Friday, the Cavs are the favorites to represent the East in the Finals. They don't have to go through the Warriors, they don't have to go through the Spurs, they don't even have to go through the Thunder.

9. Translation: The Raptors can be scary, but Johnson and Martin have to know playing for a title is more realistic in Cleveland than anywhere out West.

10. Finally, I haven't heard of any interest, but I'd like to see the Cavs take a look at Jason Thompson -- a well-rounded power forward who was released by the Warriors after they signed Anderson Varejao. Thompson hasn't played much this season, but I always liked him during his years with the Kings. He could add some depth and toughness to the frontcourt. But yes, I'd go for Johnson or Martin first.