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Permanent Change To NBA Schedule May Eventually Be A Reality

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The hiatus caused by the coronavirus may not be the only thing that changes the NBA calendar.

According to a report from Sports Illustrated insider Chris Mannix, summer basketball could actually become a thing.

"A salvaged NBA season would benefit owners and players, as well as the thousands of in-arena workers, vendors and venues that rely on it," Mannix wrote. "It would also provide the league with valuable data on the viability of a summer schedule."

Prior to the coronavirus shutting down the NBA, Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin suggested that the schedule should start in December and finish later in the summer than June.

It seem far-fetched at the time. Now? Maybe not so much.

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"Koonin’s proposal has supporters," Mannix reported. "Evan Wasch, the NBA's senior vice president of strategy and analytics, said the league would 'have no issue with reconsidering the calendar.'"

Also, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told in an email that an increase TV viewership may mean “the smart thing to do may be to play longer into the summer," Mannix reported.

He later pointed out that the players' association would have to be on board before any permanent changes to the schedule would be reached -- but that may not necessarily be an issue, either.

"Several players told that they would be open to a summer schedule, provided it resulted in a boost in revenue," Mannix added.

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