Cavaliers: Team Drama lives up to its billing, even in victory

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Even in a rare (these days, anyway) win, Team Drama just can't help itself, apparently.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers held off the Indiana Pacers to record a 115-108 victory Friday night at Quicken Loans Arena, there two two incidents, both involving Cavaliers All-Star forward KevinLove, that raised some eyebrows.

The first occurred during a Cavaliers huddle during a timeout, Love threw his warmup jacket on the head of teammate JeffGreen. It caught rookie CediOsman, who grabbed the jacket, giving Love a look. Green, judging from his expression, wasn't pleased, either.

After the game, though, both Love and Green attempted to diffuse the situation. Green was asked about it in an arena hallway after the game. He promptly invited reporters to follow him back into the dressing room. He then yelled to Love in front of the entire group of media on hand covering the game, "You see the (crap) you started? They think you did that on purpose!" Love, not missing a beat, responded, "It was. I don't like you, Jeff." They both laughed it off and Green departed the arena wearing a smile on his face. Love then posted the clip of the "incident" on his Twitter account, tagging Green.

The other incident, though, could not be passed off as easily.

Remember reports coming out of the volatile team meeting the Cavaliers held before practice on Monday? Love was reportedly a "target" at the meeting, being questioned for leaving the blowout loss to Oklahoma City on Saturday after three minutes because of illness, then leaving the arena before the game ended.

Whispers came out in subsequent days that IsaiahThomas was reportedly one of those pointing an accusatory finger at Love.

Anyway, Love grabbed a defensive rebound with 3:13 to go in the first quarter and pivoted to pass the basketball to Thomas. However, rather than just handing the ball to Thomas and running up the floor, the 6-foot-10 Love bent down to present the ball, a la a parent giving a child a gift, to the 5-9 Thomas.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN reported, "One team source suggested to ESPN that it was a clear sign of Love trying to embarrass Thomas after the point guard was one of the instigators in calling out Love on Monday for leaving Cleveland's loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder early last weekend during an explosive team meeting."