Cavs' Frye taking trade rumors in stride

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A veteran of the NBA's silly season -- the period leading up to the trade deadline -- ChanningFrye of the Cleveland Cavaliers is taking the rumors of him being included in a trade in stride.

Responding to a message saying, "You'll be truly missed. Good luck with the Jazz!" Frye tweeted:

Another fan said to him, "Good luck on the Virginia Squires. You'll be missed," to which Frye replied:

Yet another fan wrote to him, "Channing best of luck on the Seoul Dynasty I hear they need a Junkrat. Thanks for all your bombs here in Cleveland," to which Frye replied:

Frye actually has been mentioned in a trade scenario centered on Sacramento Kings' guard George Hill, a potential deal that was first reported by Amico Hoops and is said to also involve Cavs guard Iman Shumpert and possibly a second-round draft pick.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8.